Christmas Lights on a Row House on Hollins & Pulaski

It was cold out and I’ve got a little cold, but sometimes you just need to ride your bike, so I decided to put on my fancy wool top (thanks, Pops!), tights, long sleeved socks, and some gloves (thanks, S.!) and pedaled over to campus. The sun was out and I traced my regular route, thinking about my first visit to Baltimore. Continue reading

Holiday Lights at Keswick & 34th


I had a long and tiring day, but I was happy to hop on my bike for a quick jaunt to Hampden after work to meet B. and G. and friends for drinks and dinner. The conversation was good, as was the food and the beer, and it was an excellent reminder to take myself out more often with more people. By the time I left, it was downright cold, and my exhaustion was catching up with me, so I decided to just take myself home for a nightcap and a movie. I rode along Hampeden’s Miracle on 34th Street. This neighborhood is seriously committed to its lights and decorations, for sure. There were tons of folks out tonight, and snacks were being sold, Santas were taking pictures, and art was on display. Naturally, I preferred this snowman of bicycle wheels, but tonight I was just happy to be in a place where people dress themselves up like this. That feels a little bit like home, and sometimes, I’m homesick. I pedaled the short ride home, looking forward to sleep and another day.

Lighted Tunnel From the City Park Train at Celebration in the Oaks

I woke up at a reasonable hour this morning, tied up this loose end and that loose end while doing laundry, and by 3pm had put the Fall 2010 semester to bed for good. You know what that means? Time to go for a bike ride. I took the Surly out and headed to Lake Pontchartrain via Bayou St. John and City Park. It felt so, so good to ride with nowhere to be at any particular time. Continue reading

Christmas Lights at Delachaise & Magazine

It actually feels like Christmas to this Idaho girl right now–it’s actually cold. Lots of folks don’t ride in this weather, and some friends have even hinted that it’s a bit incredible that I do, but seriously, if you put on some layers and ride a few blocks, you’ll be fine and toasty. I rode around town today running errands and getting some work done at the office. By the time I was heading home with my groceries, it was dark and even colder, and I spent my ride admiring the holiday lights folks have put up on their palm trees and shrubs and porches. Continue reading

Lights at the Walgreens at Dauphine and Canal

The last week or so of rides have been largely task rides. Even when I was riding for pleasure, I was usually looking for a places to put posters or flyers for the Bicycle Film Festival. Today was stormy, but I was excited to get to ride for pleasure to meet friends at a fancy bar on North Rampart for fancy drinks. Continue reading