Fake Flowery Trees at Dinwiddie Hall

Another day, another bicycle commute to work. It was positively lovely out, again, and when I headed home at the end of the day, it was still sunny and the sky was a most brilliant blue. I stopped at the edge of campus near St. Charles to snap a picture of this bright pink flowering trees that recently showed up in front of Dinwiddie Hall (yes, that’s really what it’s called). They seem so out of place in January, and the rest of the trees surrounding it are all limb withered leaves, so what’s the deal? I wouldn’t put it past Tulane to bring in some crazy tree just for parent’s weekend or something. While I was taking this picture, a gentleman came up behind me and said, “You know you’re taking a picture of fake flowers, right?” Actually, no. They look kinda fake, but what do I know? It turns out these flowers are taped on the end of the tree limbs, put there for the Miley Cyrus movie that’s being filmed on campus (she’s a college student and a superspy! gasp!). I looked closer, and yes indeed, I could see the tape and the frayed edges of silk flowers. Oh, Miley. I bet this guy sees folks taking pictures of these guys all the time, and it must drive him a little bit mad–everyone going home with pictures of the sultry New Orleans foliage, even in winter. Meh. Who cares. The trees are awesome.

2 thoughts on “Fake Flowery Trees at Dinwiddie Hall

  1. You always have a good sense of NOLA when you post.Those movie folks are all over NOLA. Kind of fun. When I visited in December I took a picture of a utility site covered with graffiti. I was told it was painted over by a film crew and is gone now. If you check out flickr account you can see graffiti pic on page 3 or 4. New to this otherwise I would have just sent you picture.

  2. Everyday I drive to the front of the Tulane campus. I was wondering about those trees. Why did the blossoms not come down in the heavy rains? Now I now! We even got out of the car and looked closer–thank you-we had a good laugh and you made our day!

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