Dogs Wrestling at Wisner Park on Annunciation

When I left my house today it was sunny and warm, almost 70 degrees and humid. Tank top weather. In January! I headed to campus to write rec letters and meet an old, old friend for lunch. By the time we’d finished lunch and I’d walked her to the streetcar, dark clouds were rolling in. The sky was spitting just a little bit, but things were still dry when I got back to the office. I rode over to N.’s after work to accompany her and her dog to the park. It was sprinkling just a little bit as we walked, remembering when we first lived here and the park was rows of FEMA trailers and the playground was two broken swing sets. The it was a gravel dump, and then a baseball field, and tonight it was kickball and dog park. When we first got there the only other dog was a well behaved collie playing frisbee with its owner. That dog could not be tempted away from its game, no way, no how. That thing must be in agility training or something. Anyway, then a puppy came, and it was on. I snapped this picture of dogs mid-wrestle, we chatted with the puppy’s escort, and then all of the sudden the sky opened up and it started raining sideways. N. asked if there was a tornado warning as we rushed into the bar across the street that we’ve passed a zillion times but never been in. They took us in, wet dog and all, and we drank a slow beer and I wondered why we hadn’t been there before. When I finally rode home the temperature had dropped drastically. The whole day had been leading up to that, but it still felt like it was out of nowhere.

One thought on “Dogs Wrestling at Wisner Park on Annunciation

  1. But, just to be on the safe side, you surely had rain gear in your bike bag…didn’t you? And that spare tube you’re always carrying?

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