Bike Parking on Tulane’s Campus

It was so beautiful out today. It was almost 70 degrees, sunny, blue skies, and I put on a dress and took Rhoda out for a spin after picking her up from the shop. I hadn’t been on a cruiser in months and months, and I’d almost forgotten how playful it feels to ride like that. Summertime. I saw tons of folks on bikes today, people zipping along in short sleeves, smelling the early hints of carnival. So many students ride bikes that the place can’t keep up with the parking. I snapped this picture of a new rack that just showed up, one of three that are just sitting on lawns. Every time they put in a new bike rack, it fills right up–never, ever, ever enough bike parking. Unfortunately, it’s not really summertime and it was getting dark, but I got a couple quick laps around Audubon Park in before heading home. I used to ride Rhoda all the time, and I fell in love with riding bikes while riding her. But after less than 10 miles today, I was ready to get back on the Surly when I headed downtown tonight. That’s where I feel at home. It’s time to share a little Rhoda magic with the next one, so this weekend I will hand over the handlebars to R., who wants to learn to ride a bicycle before 50. So she can beat Proust. Wish us luck!

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