My Own Breath

You know what I saw while riding my bike around today? My own breath! Yesterday I was sweating through humid rain, but last night the cold came in, catching me walking around the Quarter in a skirt and flip flops. And today it’s just plain cold. I layered up, including gloves and my windproof fleece jacket, and headed out. I forgot my ear warmer thingy. Need the ear warmer thingy. The ride in the cold wind was less than pleasant. Fortunately I ran into my buddy N. at work, and she lent me her hat. That made the ride home infinitely more enjoyable, enough so that I did a lap around the park just to see if folks were braving it in the cold (they weren’t, except for the kids on their high school track teams–no rest for the children). Riding in the cold is easy peasy, if you dress for it.

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