A Goose at Audubon Park

My legs are tired in that you-need-a-day-off-the-bike way, so today’s ride was an easy breezy commute followed by some low-gear riding around Audubon Park after work. I have been feeling out of sorts for the past few days–it happens–and I wasn’t feeling particularly chipper as I weaved through the rush hour crowds doing laps, and even the casual ride felt forced. Time to sit on a bench and watch some birds. I really love watching birds take off and land in the water–their stutter steps on the surface like they’re Jesus, coming in feet-first and then dropping their little butts–and the waterfowl were out in full force. And then there was this guy. There are lots of tiny teeth in that beak and he was grunting; I was not so into it. But his feet! So awesome. They’d be all webby, and then he’d lift the foot and it would fold completely in and then spread back out as his foot hit the ground again. And he’d wrap it around the branches and roots he stepped over on his way to get in the water. Oh, and then there were the white ducks who were running. *squeal* Cliched, perhaps, but I felt a lot better on the ride home.

2 thoughts on “A Goose at Audubon Park

  1. Loved this as it reminded me of a goose who lived at the lake in the townhouse area I lived in, in CC, TX. I would feed her bread crumbs and she would follow me around. When I left my house headed to the lake I would call for her…Goosie, Goosie, and she would honk back at me and meet me half way. There were no male Geese at the lake so her would lay her empty eggs and sit and sit and sit on the nest until the neighbors would distract her to remove the eggs before she starved to death trying to hatch them. It was a neighborhood love fest for this goose. I have often wondered if she was still alive but everyone I knew there has moved or died.

    thanks for helping me remember Goosie, Goosie. 🙂

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