Construction in the 300 Hallway in Gibson Hall at Tulane

My legs were feeling yesterday’s ride, so I was less than thrilled to be back on the bike this morning, I admit it. I lowered the gear and spun my way to school for my first day in the new classroom. I lugged my lower body up a couple flights of stairs and took a right into the hallway to greet my newly-remodeled room. The hall floor was covered in plastic and painter’s tape. There was the big orange ladder and rooms filled with duct works. The ceiling exposed its installation–apparently made of tin foil–and heating ducts. I have to say, it didn’t instill in me the confidence that I was in the right place. I got to my room to find an open door and four or five students sitting in the dark (why don’t The Children ever turn on the lights?). Was that a tech-enabled podium I saw in there? Oh glorious day! It was a fine treat after that briefly unsettling moment. 75+ students passed through that classroom with me today. I wonder how many had a brief sense that they were in the wrong place, that unsettling feeling we have every so often but rarely mention because we tend to find our bearings altogether too quickly. Eight hours later I was back on my bike, pedaling against impressive winds, looking forward to being off the bike.

2 thoughts on “Construction in the 300 Hallway in Gibson Hall at Tulane

  1. Watch and learn what helps you feel good and not-so-good about getting on the bike. We all pursue pleasure and avoid pain. It’s hard-wired into us.

    Be the master (??gender appropriate??) of your feelings, and find ways to make them work for you.

    More advice you simply don’t need.

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