Feats of Engineering at the Huey P. Long Bridge From the Levee Path

The weather outside today was simply beautiful, enough so that I didn’t mind having to be in my office at noon to meet J., who calls that the crack of dawn (which it sort of is, for a Sunday). After a quick meeting I rode over to catch the Tulane women’s basketball team in their CUSA showdown against Houston. After watching a tough loss, I briefly considered riding home to grade papers and prepare my soul for the other big game today, but I decided to enjoy the sunshine and headed to the levee to ride. I do most of my riding on the way somewhere, dodging traffic, thinking about politics and urban planning and what I’m going to teach today and what’s for lunch, but today I really needed that easy ride where there’s nothing doing but an easy cadence and some breeze. And that’s what I got, turning onto the levee path, a little Bruce in the ears. So, so, so nice. I rode out ten miles, using my gears to negotiate headwinds and tailwinds, but mostly it was just pedal pedal pedal. I turned around at the sewer pipe in River Ridge and rode back, this time with a tailwind. La dee dah. I stopped to take a picture of the Huey P. Long. I love this bridge, even if it is always under construction. I guess I can’t believe the thing can carry several lanes of traffic, and also support train tracks above that. Engineering, man–very impressive.

8 thoughts on “Feats of Engineering at the Huey P. Long Bridge From the Levee Path

  1. Just letting you know I’ve been following your “bicycling adventures” and thoroughly enjoy these vignettes and am always looking forward to the next one…you’ve become my bicycle poet of choice:

    “The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets” (Christopher Morley)

    Thanks for writing here, Kate.

  2. I was deleting pictures when I ran across this one…it was taken about the time of your post above. I recall, because Raleigh and I shared a chuckle contrasting the two bridges: the one you posted about and the one Raleigh rode across that day. (LOL)

    And, how the weather has improved!

    I hope this is not demonstrative of poor etiquette on my part.

    Raleigh has been a good bike – at times, thought she’s a bit to critical of my riding skills!

    I tell her that, before the next 10,000 miles roll around, I’m going to trade her for a Trek or a Cannondale or a Something, but she just snickers and says that it would be great being owned by someone who knew how to treat a bicycle for a change.

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