Clouds Over Lake Pontchartrain

It was warm and lovely out when I left my place early to head to the Bywater for brunch with students. Someone else was paying, so I got myself some praline bacon with the rest of my meal, drank too much coffee, and put extra butter on my biscuit. On my way out I ran in to S. and R. coming in, so I stayed for another round of water and caught up on the rest of their parade night before heading over to Bayou St. John to catch up with D., M., R., and N.–thanks, terrible cell phone service, for keeping us apart last night! The sun was out, sort of, and the wind was blowing, so I decided to take a ride up to the lake. I snapped this photo of the clouds rolling over the lake, with that peek of blue sky (apparently enough to give me my first sunburn of 2011) and folks sitting on the shore. Each of those pilings was topped by a bird–I flipping love birds. They are so cool. On the ride home I saw so many pelicans, one standing on the shore, trying to make a decision, others diving awkwardly for snacks in the bayou. I tried to race the flying ones, but to no avail–they are speedy, and I was slowed by a serious wind, one that made the ride home take longer than I thought. I was beat by the time I made it back Uptown. But once I got there, I got to take Rhoda for a ride over to R.’s house for another lesson, and R. did great–I couldn’t even keep up while running behind. Next time she’s going to learn how to make the bike stop. Rhoda was magic for me, and I left her with her new owner, sure she’s got more magic in her. A perfect Sunday on the bicycle, just plain perfect.

3 thoughts on “Clouds Over Lake Pontchartrain

  1. Oh, Kate, what a pleasure to read your posts. Have you considered a mouth-guard for the parades? You could probably find a really cool Saints model.

    Keep that big smile on your face.

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