Scrap Metal at Claiborne & Erato

I spent a good bit of my day in my favorite way: on my bike. I rode down to the Marigny for a much-needed haircut and then sped right back Uptown for a doctor’s appointment (no, I don’t have a flesh-eating bacterial infection–huzzah!). The weather is just ridiculous, and it felt so good to just be flying along and getting sweaty. And it’s only February. I didn’t take any pictures on my afternoon ride, so I decided to go out for another quick spin after getting some work done at home. I headed up to LaSalle to take advantage of the still-smooth asphalt and then rode around Central City. This neighborhood is New Orleans, pocked with the dilapidated houses of uneven re/development, blocks filled with those cotton candy colored townhouses that have replaced the old Magnolia projects, kids riding bikes, folks sitting on porches, blooming magnolia trees, empty lots, and new houses. I rode up Erato and noticed junk peeking up over an aluminum siding fence. I got off the bike and took a picture of the junk piled up behind the fence, and there was a lot of it–this is Uptown Recycling, and they are doing their best to make sure you don’t see what they’ve got. I watched as a dog came trotting up, nosing under the fence, protecting the stuff from my prying eyes–or maybe just looking for a pet. I took that as my cue to head back home against the pinking sky, another lovely day of riding my bike around in the books.

2 thoughts on “Scrap Metal at Claiborne & Erato

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  2. I appears, Kate, that you have become syndicated!

    And deservedly so, as it is the rare writer that can take the quotidian and describe it so beautifully it becomes a work of art and do so consistently. Thanks for that.

    Also, I’ve always thought there is something special about that moment in time (maybe it’s simply an “experience”) that lies between the ride “out” and the ride “back home”; it would take someone more philosophically adept than I to do a description of it justice.

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