Row of Blighted Houses at Caton & St. Bernard Avenue

I tried to sit in my office and do work today, I swear. I wrote about three sentences, met with a student, wrote a recommendation letter, and had lunch with R. and chocolate with R. But then I gave in to my senioritis and the 80 degree weather and took the bike out for a ride. It was seriously windy and I couldn’t seem to find a tailwind, so my ride was a heavy pedal in low gear all afternoon. I wasn’t in any kind of hurry, so that worked for me–hill training! I headed over to Bayou St. John in search of pelicans and then over to Lake Pontchartrain to watch seabirds and listen to the water lap against the steps. I turned home to winds gusting over 20 miles an hour, so my ride up St. Bernard Avenue was a slow one, especially considering the state this submerged road finds itself in. The neighborhood was so quiet, even though it was approaching rush hour. I was only a couple blocks from City Park and the bayou, but I might as well have been on another planet. I took a right instead of a left when I hit the candy colored houses that have replaced the St. Bernard projects and found this row of blighted houses. The one at the end looks like it might be a home again, but as I tooled around these few streets, it seemed to be one of few. And then all of a sudden I was at a snoball stand. Again and again I am reminded that this city returns block by block, block by block. I continued home, making a quick stop at a drugstore for a snack and a brief stint as a watcher of other bicycles for folks without locks. I rode slowly home, through the Quarter and Central City, tired out at the end of it, feeling lucky to live in New Orleans in February.

6 thoughts on “Row of Blighted Houses at Caton & St. Bernard Avenue

  1. Since spending 36 hours in NOLA in early December I have turned to your blog to get my warm weather fix this winter. Appreciate your outlook and pics. It’s 80 degrees warmer where you are today. About, blight and block by block. One the surface even Minneapolis could use some work, where ever there are bikes there seems to be more things happening. Looking forward to more of your post and our weather slowly closing the gap towards warm.

  2. Ok, I just came from Bicycling Magazine home page. Honestly, the magazine holds no appeal for me, but envy set in when I noticed your blog is on their very short blog roll list. You should be proud to make it. The magazine has so little “real” life and normal biking sense but if you look hard enough a kernel of wholesomeness is sprouting.

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