Trash at St. Charles & Canal

It was a five-parade day, which meant I woke up early, read in bed for a couple of hours, and then headed out for an insane number of parades. I made it through the first three, and then headed home for a rest before dinner with S. and B. and then more parades. The crowds were crazy, so I took the bike and headed downtown for a different sort of parade–Eris–where the spectators were the parade. Lovely, lovely. After a long evening of drinks and chats with friends, I was back on the bike, headed Uptown, through this trash at St. Charles and Canal, signs of the fun that dominated early in the day. This is the ugly part, though. So much trash! I dodged the stuff that could turn my front wheel and headed home, another lovely Carnival day in the books. Thank you, New Orleans.

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