The Moon Over Downtown New Orleans From the Jeff Davis Overpass

See that glowing orb in the upper left of this picture, above the building and across from the crane? No, not the glowing rod that is the Falstaff apartments but the circle. Yeah, that’s the moon. It was very big and very bright tonight. I watched it rise from the horizon above the rooftops Uptown. I rode my bike and stopped at the highest point in New Orleans (to me): the Jeff Davis pedestrian overpass, passing over I10 to snap this photo and stare at the giant moon (and I was not the only one doing that tonight). I rode over to the bar to see friend after friend after friend, talking about the moon with at least every third person. And then I got to ride my bike home, and it was late, and the moon seemed alone in the sky, except for those stars (or is that one bright one a planet?) right near it. It was so bright. I wonder if I would have thought to track it if someone hadn’t called it a “Supermoon” and told me especially to look up. I think I probably would have still remarked that the moon looked fantastic tonight. It did. And thank you, universe, for the reminder to slow down and look up once in awhile.

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