Graffiti at Washington & Gayoso

I wasn’t planning on going out tonight, but when M. asked if anyone was watching basketball games outside with beer, I jumped on board (and partly so I could go ride my bike in this beautiful spring weather). I took the Surly and headed over to the bar in Bayou St. John, and the pedaling felt so easy and smooth, just like I like it. My one team lost and my other team won and a couple drinks and some chatter later and I was back on the bike, heading home. The streets were almost empty and the air was thickening–it’s supposed to be 80 degrees and foggy on Sunday–and every once in awhile the air was all night-jasmine=y. Perfect. I stopped on Washington just past Gayoso to take a picture of this graffiti on a vacant commercial building. It just seems off. I mean, maybe this used to be a dry cleaners and the former owner wants to keep it tagged? People crying out for the universe to give them a dry cleaner, and graffiti is the best way to communicate that? It’s not Banksy or anything, but I kind of like it. Back on the bike and off I went. I love that riding a bike somewhere means you get to ride it home.

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