One Way/No Right Turn at Canal & Jeff Davis

The best thing about using a bicycle for transportation is that you are guaranteed to get to ride a bike every single day, except for those days where you stay in bed all day until you move to the couch and then back again. I didn’t have time for a ride to nowhere today, but I did need to get myself to campus, so I hopped on the Surly and headed that way. We had a big storm last night and a cold front moved in, and for all my love of hot and humid weather, it was kind of a treat to have some cooler and drier air to ride through today. After some work in the office and a turn around Audubon Park, I rode to the grocery store and home again to cook up some dinner before heading back out. I zipped over to Mid-City to join M. and later D. for tonight’s NCAA women’s basketball national championship game. It was such a good game, and we were all Whoooop for the Aggies. And then I got to ride my bike home on those empty nighttime streets. I passed this set of signs as I crossed Canal on Jeff Davis and then circled back to take a picture. Street signs are missing all over town. There are some neighborhoods where you just have to know where you’re going or you’ll just drive around aimlessly looking for signage (and if they ever paint that yellow house out on Claiborne where you turn to take the shortcut to the airport, many flights will be missed). And then there’s this spot–definitely well-signed. No turning into the driveway here, people. Don’t even think about it. I continued on my way, sliding down smooth asphalt, a song in my ear–such a lovely day.

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