A Frog in an Uptown Yard

It was blustery today–New Orleans hill training–so I spent my commute playing with gears and working to stay upright. In commuting news, that abandoned vehicle is still there with its warning sticker, and I wouldn’t be surprised to pass it for many weeks. That deep pothole on the downtown side of St. Charles right before Napoleon is just getting deeper. The stray gravel filling that hole by the park is spreading all over the street–the rock dodge maneuver doesn’t work that well when there’s nothing but rocks. Anyway…I made the commute twice today, heading Uptown this evening to see an early cut of Red Tremmel’s long-awaited documentary, Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival. I got to see it last week at Red‘s house, but it was totally different in an auditorium with a sizable audience and on a big screen. Those lingering shots of the desert lingered longer than I remembered, and I think I get what that scene with the streamers is doing there, other than the obvious political point. Oh, it’s a great movie. I can’t wait for you all to get to see it. I had the wind at my back as I headed home. I stopped at the drug store for a soda and some cat food and then rolled home, everything suddenly entirely mundane. But then there was this frog, just sitting there. I propped up my bike and got as close as I could and tried to catch a good photo of him. Then I worried that maybe the flash on the camera was stunning him, or maybe setting him up for seizures, like those video games. But I wanted a decent shot of his flat little body and beady eyes, so I took just one more, and here it is. Does he look angry? I hear a frog chorus every night, but somehow seeing one makes it more real. It was a perfect way to end the week.

One thought on “A Frog in an Uptown Yard

  1. Believe it or not, we have an administration that works now, now it may have had to do with it being near city property but on Lafitte st there was an abandoned truck right in front of the street signs division, it was ticketed and it was towed by the next week.

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