A Frog in an Uptown Yard

It was blustery today–New Orleans hill training–so I spent my commute playing with gears and working to stay upright. In commuting news, that abandoned vehicle is still there with its warning sticker, and I wouldn’t be surprised to pass it for many weeks. That deep pothole on the downtown side of St. Charles right before Napoleon is just getting deeper. Continue reading

Frog on an Uptown Window

Frog on an Uptown DoorI’m back from a bike-less trip to California. It was a bit odd, going five days without riding a bicycle, but I think my knees appreciated the rest, and though I didn’t need it, Los Angeles traffic reminded me that I prefer riding a bicycle around to sitting in a car any day. Continue reading

Frogs in the Gutter on Annunciation

Sometimes New Orleans feels like a city with urban problems of population and planning. Other times it feels like a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business and you see the same people over and over again, even if in different contexts. Continue reading