Super Fresh Meat Market at 2nd & Danneel

Today was the last day of the Patois Film Fest, so I hopped on my bike early and headed to Zeitgeist for a full afternoon of movies. It was a ridiculously pretty day, and it was a bit hard to swallow to go into the dark, but it was totally worth it. My favorite was the last film, Cafeteria Man, a movie about Tony Geraci and his fight to change the Baltimore city school system’s cafeterias. Why buy processed food from the other side of the country when you can locally source the real thing in your own backyard? It was a great documentary, making smart arguments for figuring out how to break through bureaucracy and make real change (spoiler alert: kids can do it too), and that access to healthy food is connected to a whole range of other social justice issues, so we best make sure we are all getting fed. On my ride home I stopped and took a picture of the Super Fresh Meat Market on 2nd and Danneel, all overgrown and graffiti-ed, with a rusty patio coming off the second floor. Blighted groceries are all over this city. We have got to figure out how to ensure access to fresh food for all of us. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

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