Band Playing Above a Bar Inside the Horseshoe Casino at 1525 Russell Street

Band Playing Above a Bar Inside the Horseshoe Casino at 1525 Russell StreetI’ve been away from the blog for a bit, not because I haven’t been riding my bike, but because I’ve been writing so much for other things, and it turns out there are only so many words in me. And then I was in Boise for a week, sans bicycle, and then right back in Baltimore and back to work. And then there was Thursday, and I got to ride my bike all over, first up to Roland Park. I took Keswick this time, and enjoyed the interval training of its rolling hills. And then it was back down the hill, a couple of stops, and then the new casino and its massive collection of bike racks right by the valet parking. How can this be that they actually built in room for several dozen bicycles? At the casino??? Continue reading

Orioles Game From the Bleachers at Camden Yards

Orioles Game From the Bleachers at Camden YardsFriday’s bike ride took me first to the train station and out to Catonsville on Brompty for a day at the office before swapping out for the Surly for a ride with N. down to Camden Yards to watch the O’s take on her beloved St. Louis Cardinals. It’s more than a little embarrassing to go to a game with your ladyfriend all decked out in enemy colors, but she donned an O’s wristband, so there was that. The ride down there was a bit slow–my left knee hurt on the inside and I was making the mistake of worrying how the ride back up the hill would feel instead of enjoying the ride down there. Staying present’s a tough job for this cat, but I’m working on it. Continue reading

The View From Bike Parking on Sisson & 28th


The week rounded out with some easy bike rides, Friday over and down to Canton for a late lunch and grading before settling in for some solid people watching before catching a ride home with N., and the a jaunt up to Hampden on Saturday for acupuncture and fries, a most excellent combination. I made a stop in Remington on my way home to pick up this week’s farm share at Mill Valley General Store. I don’t even remember forking over the cash for this–I signed up months ago–so it feels like Christmas every week, walking in there with my bike bag to pick four of whatever I like from the bins filled, this week, with chard, kale, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, arugula, garlic scapes, snap peas, and the list goes on. I was limited by what I could fit in my bag, so I grabbed a couple of cauliflower, a bunch of arugula, and a cabbage. The bag was overflowing and I was happy and on my way. My only complaint? Get us a bike rack, please! I snapped this picture from my bike, locked to a sign on Sisson, and while I love the view of traffic and blue sky and warehouse, I’d love to be able to park off the main drag. But if that’s my only Saturday complaint, I’d say I’m getting off easy.

View From a Back Porch in Waverly

View From a Back Porch in WaverlyWednesday was the first day of classes, and oh, I was excited! I love the first day of school–all the books are new, no one is behind on the readings, all the grandmothers are still alive, and we are all full of hope for an exciting semester of learning together–at least that’s how it feels to me. I get so excitable, though, that I’m pretty much exhausted at the end of just two classes. I drove my car home in the post-teaching haze, rested up for just a bit, and then I hopped on the bike for a slow pedal up and over to Waverly to see R. and her new house, a bike ride I expect to take a lot in the next year. Continue reading

Fan at the Top of the Stairs Crossing President at Fayette

Fan at the Top of the Stairs Crossing President at FayetteIt was another surprisingly cool and totally perfect late summer day (I can’t say “fall” yet–too real), so after a lazy morning I hopped on the bike and headed down the hill to Little Italy to take in a second day of fried dough–I mean the Feast of St. Gabriel. I’d been down the day before with N. and R. in a car, if you can believe that. Guess what? Way easier on the bike, though having those two to share the fried dough was a wise move. I locked up to a street sign next to the heavy police presence called for at events like this, apparently. I got my fried dough, ate it too quickly over Bingo, and slugged down their specialty cocktail, my blood finally running at full-sugar. That didn’t stop me from eating some of N.’s candy at the movie, however. Continue reading

Lunch Table at the Women’s Industrial Exchange Restaurant at Charles & Pleasant

Women Athletes on a Table at the Women's Industrial Exchange at Charles & PleasantToday’s ride was a quick one, just down the hill to meet J. for lunch and a chat about bicycling, one of my most favorite topics. I woke up to rain, but it was just a bare mist when I headed out, and besides, what am I going to do? Drive downtown and park? Please. I took Maryland Avenue, which is a speedy ride and takes me over the freeway. Continue reading

View of the Inner Harbor From the World Trade Center

I woke up early, as per usual, and spent my morning reading for pleasure until I remembered that the farmer’s market was running, and although I know I’m supposed to be in it for the produce–which I am–but what got me out of bed were the mini donuts. I hopped on the bike and flew down the hill, got my mini bag of donuts, and did a tour of the place, picking up a little of this and a little of that. Continue reading

Books & Cookies at the AK Press Holiday Party at Parkdale & Clipper Park Road

Today’s bike ride took me, walking the bike with K., up to Johns Hopkins for a seminar on the future of women’s and gender studies, and after we got all that sorted out, I rode over through Hampden for AK Press‘s annual holiday party and happy hour. Continue reading

Apples For Sale at the Waverly Farmer’s Market


I woke up early and at S.’s behest, hopped on my bicycle and pedaled up the hill and back down again to the Waverly farmer’s market. Every part of me thinks farmer’s markets are awesome. I mean, dedicated market, local food, small farms–Our Farms, Our Future, as my license plate says. I have no idea why a brief jaunt that way hasn’t shaped every Saturday, but there you go. I got a cup of coffee, a spinach empanada (using that word very loosely), and then did a tour of the offerings. I picked up some arugula for the spiciness, sweet potatoes for the sweetness, and, after milling about these most lovely apples, some pears. I piled my stuff in my bike bag, made a stop at The Book Thing–all the free books you can carry!–and rode home. What a lovely way to start a Saturday.

A Man Drinking a Beer at a Bar in Hampden


I swear the weather is trying to trick me. It isn’t even cold, though it looks like it should be. But I bundled up, strapped on my reflector and blinky light, and sweated my way up the hill to that bar in Hampden to meet a friend for a drink. On a school night. *Gasp*. When I first moved here, this short ride would take me 20 minutes, but now it only takes 10. Good thing I don’t mind being early, but it might be time to start admitting that I can get around town by bike with some speed. Or at least I should bring something to read, like this guy. Driving? That would have taken twice as long.