I Love You at Siberia on St. Claude & Marigny

Summer school started today–sigh–and I’m teaching a night class, so I worked from home until the late afternoon when I hopped on my bike and headed to campus. I wasn’t really in the mood to teach, but the students were charming and the chemistry was right, which bodes well for the next 5 weeks. After a quick stop at home to eat some food and watch some baseball I got back on the bike and pedaled through the cold (I wore a sweater! In May!) to Siberia¬† on St. Claude to see the band Lovers along with friends old and new. The bar was relatively empty, giving me Reality Bites flashbacks. And then there was the opening act, I Love You, a one-man show that involved a lot of screaming into the mic and hair-tossing to synth-beats. C. and I put our college degrees to good use, analyzing his sonic poetry, marveling at his multimedia, multidimensional performance, throwing down the dance. A surprising good time, and then there was the main attraction, and they were actually really, really good. And then I got to ride my bike home on absolutely empty streets–that was a much better day than expected.

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