Writing on the Wall at BreakOUT!’s New Space on Broad & Euphrosine

I spent most of my day at home packing, breaking only for a walk to the gelateria for a whole lot of gelato. I taped up one last box in the evening and then headed out on the bike to ArtEgg Studios under the expressway on Broad for the opening party for BreakOUT!‘s new space that will serve as their headquarters for youth organizing against the criminalization of  GLBTQ youth . I snapped this picture of a guest (Hi, R.!) writing on the chalkboard in the office. Next to her is a sign clearly charting out the chain of command of the various repressive state apparatuses (apparati?) at work in New Orleans. Because the system grabs far too many of our kids, and being gender or sex non-normative puts a lot of folks right in the crosshairs. We’ve got to know our rights and how to protect them. BreakOUT! is offering a space for young people to gather, talk, organize, politicize, and play, and that, as R. finished writing, is beautiful. The place needs a couple of bike racks, though, but I’ll bring that up later. Afterward, R. threw my bike in her truck and dropped me off at A.’s for a night of poker (thanks for the Mad Dog, J.). It was positively lovely, and then I got to ride my bike home the long way under a full moon, the air still surprisingly cool.

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