Open Fire Hydrant at Loyola & State

I have been moving for the last couple of days, from the Garden District to Central City for about one month before moving to the Marigny and then on to Baltimore (don’t ask). There’s no way around it: moving sucks. There’s always one more box that needs to be packed, a loose postcard here, old corn cob holders there, and the job is just endless, not to mention the part where it totally gets in the way of my bicycling time. With the good help of friends I finally cleared myself out of the pool house, and now I have a brand new commute! I hopped on the bike late this afternoon to head to class. I was so tired and it was so hot and the headwind was so strong I was not really feeling the ride. I I was riding up Loyola when I saw this fire hydrant open and pouring water. Man, I wanted to stick my head under there and cool down like nobody’s business, but work called, so I was back on the bike to the office. Class absolutely perked me up and I got to ride my bike home is ever-so-slightly cooler night air with a slight tailwind. Better, yes, but I am itching for a real ride, for sure. Soon, soon.

3 thoughts on “Open Fire Hydrant at Loyola & State

  1. Will your blog continue in Baltimore? I really warmed up during the winter months in Minneapolis when reading your blog and watching Spring come about 3 months sooner than up North. We had the heat on this morning….but what a beautiful day it is!

    Best of times in Baltimore

    • I will most assuredly be keeping up the blog in Baltimore! No bad weather, only bad clothing… Thanks for the good wishes.

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