Open Fire Hydrant at Loyola & State

I have been moving for the last couple of days, from the Garden District to Central City for about one month before moving to the Marigny and then on to Baltimore (don’t ask). There’s no way around it: moving sucks. There’s always one more box that needs to be packed, a loose postcard here, old corn cob holders there, and the job is just endless, not to mention the part where it totally gets in the way of my bicycling time. Continue reading

“Sorry We’re Corrupt” Sticker at Magazine and St. Andrew

Contrary to popular belief, I do own a car, and for some strange reason, I was in the mood to drive yesterday. I did, and sheesh, it’s different to drive. I got everywhere so fast and dry! I even went to the suburbs, to the mall. I passed a couple of friends as I sped down Rampart. I beeped the horn, waved, and and wondered if they’d wonder what I was doing in a car. But enough about What I Saw Driving A Car Around Yesterday. Today I was back on the bike, to work and back and then to dinner with B. and back. We took a short walk around afterward, and I noticed this sticker on a fire hydrant on Magazine and St. Andrew (I think). I kind of love it. I could wonder who it’s referring to–the NOPD? BP? IMF?  WTO? HBO?–but mostly what I thought about as I passed it tonight on my walk back to the bike was how things look really, really different depending on your mode of transportation. And, as B. said tonight, sometimes you’ve just got to walk.

A Fire Hydrant Wearing a Jacket at Baronne and Union

It was a truly beautiful sunny day in New Orleans, perfect for all the brave souls who got up early to run the Mardi Gras Marathon. Me? I slept in, did some homework, and then got on my bike and headed down to the Treme to help S. move around the corner, happy to do so on a sunny day. Continue reading

Leaking Fire Hydrant at Tulane

Fire Hydrant at TulaneFinally–a warm, sunny day!  I put on a dress and heels and hopped on my bike to head to work, and it felt great.  It seemed like everybody was out today and ready for summer, even though we’ve got some months left.  Continue reading