Johns Hopkins Hospital at Broadway & Monument

The new semester starts this week, and I am a busy, busy bee. I worked and worked and worked from the second I woke up, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. And that’s the perfect time for a bicycle ride. Really, a bike ride just brushes all that other stuff away, and that’s what I did as I zipped around the neighborhood, saying my how you doin’s and taking the sidewalk on that sketchy turn onto Bonaparte, and took Broadway from North Avenue down to Fells Point. I had no idea that’s where the street ended–I’m still new in town. That short three miles ride went through so many different neighborhoods, the rows upon rows of boarded-up rowhouses, the MTA parking lot for some seriously decrepit buses, the fenced-off building that looks like it once had quite the heyday but is now fenced off while down a few blocks is one of those cardboard cookie cutter new developments. And then I was at Johns Hopkins. Check out the mansion! I have read about this place for years–where John Money did his sometimes crazy gender work, where doctors stole those cells from Henrietta Lacks–Johns Hopkins is the real deal for wild science, and there’s so much to learn about it–whee! I rode by the new development, the one with the WHO DAT! sign in the windows, past the adult cinema and the parking lot where temporary workers are picked up, the Cheerleader Sports Bar that’s all closed up–I can’t believe that place didn’t make it, sat at the pier for a bit, and then climbed the hill back up to home. Perfect, perfect

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