Empty Lot and Row Houses at W. Fairmount Avenue and S. Payson Street

Picture of an empty lot in the foreground with row houses in the background. The sky is bright blue and dotted with clouds. On the left is a street light with flags reading "Grace Medical Center" on one side and "CARE BRAVELY" on the other side.

It’s spring break, and Monday’s weather felt like it. I spent my morning reading in bed before hopping online to email students reminders to turn in work and answer some other work-related emails before heading to Mount Vernon for a panel discussion about Baltimore for UMBC’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program. Ok, so far it’s not sounding like a break, but I knew an out-to-lunch-alone and a solo bike ride were on the other side of things, so even the work felt like a celebration.

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View Through the Fence at Jefferson & Central Ave.

20180423_085923 Today’s ride took me over to Johns Hopkins east hospital campus, as per usual. Today is the start of my second week of radiation treatment, and I got up plenty early to ride my bicycle for that 8:15am appointment. The promise of 70 degrees and sunny made me almost too excited to sleep.

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People’s Community Dental Center at 30th & Greenmount

Today was one of those days with a bunch of little errands that is made so much easier with a bike. Instead of driving to multiple places and hassling with parking, I just rode the bike, and I’m pretty sure it was faster. My last stop was the People’s Community Dental Center on 30th & Greenmount. Continue reading

Johns Hopkins Hospital at Broadway & Monument

The new semester starts this week, and I am a busy, busy bee. I worked and worked and worked from the second I woke up, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. And that’s the perfect time for a bicycle ride. Really, a bike ride just brushes all that other stuff away, and that’s what I did as I zipped around the neighborhood, saying my how you doin’s and taking the sidewalk on that sketchy turn onto Bonaparte, and took Broadway from North Avenue down to Fells Point. I had no idea that’s where the street ended–I’m still new in town. Continue reading

Houses Behind a Fence at Galvez & Cleveland

Saturday’s my day off, and I spent mine riding around on my bike visiting friends. I rode down to the Quarter this morning for croissants and coffee with S., mom, and friend, and it was nice to be out riding around early, catching a few tunes around the corners of the Creole Tomato Festival. Continue reading

Professional Pharmacy Prescriptions at Touro on Foucher and Prytania

We are having a wee bit of a heat wave here in New Orleans. Or at least that’s what the weather folks are telling us every day, with their heat advisories and everything. Heat advisory, or dude, it’s summertime in New Orleans, which means it’s just going to be hot–these are the questions that try my soul. But after Saturday’s long ride in the heat, I needed a day of rest yesterday, and today just got away from me, so all I got was a short nighttime ride to meet some former students for a drink (look at those shiny young graduates with their bright futures!). Continue reading

Popeye’s at Claiborne and Milan

Popeye's on ClaiborneI left my house around 2:00 this afternoon, clipped in to my bike and hoping to run in to trouble somewhere. That’s my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon. I started by tooling over to 4238 Claiborne, where I snapped this photo of Popeye’s. Continue reading

New Orleans Urgent Care at Magazine and St. Joseph

New Orleans Urgent Care at Magazine and St. JosephIt was another rainy and sticky day in New Orleans as I rode around town to work, to the coffee shop, to dinner with K., and then down to the Treme to visit with D. and her kitty, Astro, who is very, very sick. I decided to take Magazine back Uptown on my way home. Continue reading

Acupuncture at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church

Free Acupuncture at St. Anna's Episcopal ChurchTonight’s bike ride took me down the the Treme to meet D. and E. for dinner at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church at Marigny and Esplanade. D. and I got there after the service was over but were easily welcomed in for red beans and rice (perfectly seasoned), salad, and bread. Continue reading

FEMA Formaldehyde Trailer Claims Office

FEMA Formaldehyde Trailer Claims OfficeToday’s ride took me through the CBD and over toward Mid-City via Tulane Avenue. Tulane is only a couple streets uptown from Canal, but it feels so, so much different. Continue reading