The Other Side of the Gym

I had to get to the office early today and stay late for a meeting, so I won’t get a chance to ride my bicycle today. I did, however, have time to hit the student gym where the only open cardio machine was the stationary recumbent bicycle. I haven’t been on one of those things since a shoulder injury and surgery left me with no other option–and thank goodness the option was there–but I went ahead and hopped aboard to see what it’s like. I mean, am I going to be sitting on that thing all through the winter season? God, I hope not. So boring. I like riding a bicycle because I like seeing what’s going on outside, the people, the neighborhoods, the streets, whatever (though I did get a chance to memorize all the teams in the America East conference, since their banners were the only things in my line of sight). It was also so much easier to just pedal in place–no cars or wind or weird folds in the asphalt or acorn shells trying to toss my wheel to the side–and that’s just not my speed. I like thinking about riding a bicycle when I’m riding my bicycle. Spin, spin, spin, la dee dah, and I was done, happy to have been moving, but a little scared about this thing You People call “winter.” I will have to find a way to bike and walk in wintery weather, because my soul cannot be forced to die on the recumbent bicycle.

2 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Gym

  1. You be a funny lady. Can’t your fancy phone down load a book and you could listen through headphones? When I USED to ride the “bike” I always had my Ipod blasting music and also reading a magazine sometimes. It is important not to ever take out your headphones on and keep your head down a little when you move around the gym lest someone tries to talk to you. Just saying…

  2. Wearing layers helped a great deal with the winters in Boston, when I lived there.a light weight winter cap under the helmet helps as well.once you get going you realize that it isn’t too bad,that you warm yourself up by cycling!waiting for the bus will make you freeze to death and miserable. I stick by Pearl Izumi for layers. I still have gear from ten yrs ago and they still look like new. Have you run into John Waters yet? You will,no doubt.

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