Don’t Forget Your FLASHLIGHTS! at the Hippodrome at Eutaw & Fayette

I’m a joiner, so when I started planning to move to Baltimore way back in February, I signed up for all kinds of things. And they keep coming up, like tonight, when, after the longest and busiest day in recent memory, I had to inhale a sandwich, hop on the bike, and pedal as hard as I could to be on time for tonight’s usher assignment at the Hippodrome: South Pacific! I picked up my nametag, clipped on my bowtie, and headed to the big usher meeting, where I was subtly reminded to tuck my shirt in–it’s part of the uniform. Then we broke into crews–I worked upper balcony, aisle 2–where I was told I’d have time between the meeting and doors opening, you know, so I could tuck my shirt in, oh, and DON’T FORGET YOUR FLASHLIGHTS. We were briefed on this year’s priority focus–customer service–and then we waited and waited for the doors to open. I chatted with my fellow ushers. He was new too, a former scientist, now retired, who told me all the ways to really measure my fitness (hint: there will be pulse-taking). She has been working for four seasons, but tonight was her first as Usher Captain, and she was digging it–nowhere to be, no responsibilities. The patrons came in, I walked them to their seats, and at intermission I told the woman with all the students there for their first visit to The Theater to go ahead and move closer, and the old Irish lady that I was very sorry it was so frigid, and that I had the house manager call engineering to turn the AC down. And then I left. Because as it turns out, South Pacific is, well, kinda racist, and I’d had enough. I pedaled slowly up the hill, remembering that there was a take and bake pizza in the fridge. I think I can, I think I can.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your FLASHLIGHTS! at the Hippodrome at Eutaw & Fayette

  1. What do you mean? That Bloody Mary sells her daughter to the “happy talk” guy or the grass skirts sales? Ahhh, still Mitzi Gaynor has the cutest little figure ever in the movie and the drag queen stage show is awesome. I say : Some enchanted evening and you left early.
    Hippodrome. A name I could never resist.

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