Under the Sea For the Halloween Parade at Patterson Park

My oldest friend L. has been in town this weekend, and it was so, so good to see her. She’s the kind of friend who is totally happy to just sit and watch a zillion episodes of some crappy television show she’s already seen, eat at the same restaurant two nights in a row because it was just so good the first time, and watch me clean and lube and shine my bicycle for the ride I was going to take after she was gone, and that’s what I did after dropping her at the train station. It was chilly, but I dressed appropriately, thanks to a gift from my pops and a gift to myself (because there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing), and it felt beyond good to pedal along, my bike all silently contended thanks to the lube job. I headed down to the harbor and took a left toward Fells Point and then up to Patterson Park, because I heard a rumor that they had some Halloween funtimes up in that area. The park was crawling with folks in costumes, including kids and dogs, funnel cakes and cider, hay rides, and craft stations. I snapped this picture of what I imagine is some kind of under-the-sea part of the show that was set to go off at 7:00, along with the many puffed fish on sticks, that bicycle float, the many-peopled dragon, and other entries into the grand parade. I love living in a world with people who make stuff like this happen. I wanted to stay, but the fatigue had set in from a long couple of weeks, so I pedaled home after a quick stop at the grocery. Boy, it’s good to be back on my bike. I need to get a trailer or something to haul the next guest. And J.? If you were here, I’d take you in it to celebrate your birthday!

One thought on “Under the Sea For the Halloween Parade at Patterson Park

  1. Of course I am here and THANKS for the invite! I cannot imagine a more fun time than riding in your side car! All over town so I can see what you describe so well. Thanks! Nicest present I have been offered in YEARS. Ride in good health always with eyes wide open.

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