A Man Drinking a Beer at a Bar in Hampden


I swear the weather is trying to trick me. It isn’t even cold, though it looks like it should be. But I bundled up, strapped on my reflector and blinky light, and sweated my way up the hill to that bar in Hampden to meet a friend for a drink. On a school night. *Gasp*. When I first moved here, this short ride would take me 20 minutes, but now it only takes 10. Good thing I don’t mind being early, but it might be time to start admitting that I can get around town by bike with some speed. Or at least I should bring something to read, like this guy. Driving? That would have taken twice as long.

5 thoughts on “A Man Drinking a Beer at a Bar in Hampden

  1. Used to take 20 now takes 10…I’d say that’s an accomplishment,and testimate that you’ve been doing what you need to-riding that bike 🙂 Nice 🙂


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