Quiet Has Its Own Set of Problems at Fayette & Fulton

It was like springtime in Baltimore today. The sun was out, the sky was this ridiculous shade of blue, and I had time to ride my bicycle all the way to work. I made a couple of stops, to vote and to pick up a video from the library, exercising both the rights and privileges of citizenship, and then I pedaled down to Fayette, took a right, and just kept going.
It felt so good to have some solid time to just pedal without all the baggage of leggings and sleeves. I stopped to snap this picture of the park and garden on the corner of Fayette and Fulton that I’ve passed in my car dozens of times, never slowing enough to be able to read the signs. Quiet Has Its Own Set of Problems. That’s just exactly right, that sign right there. I continued on, ended up on that street I rode on on my very first ride from the new job; nope, don’t feel lost anymore. I got to campus, ate some lunch, made my meeting, checked in for my flight tomorrow, sad to face another chunk of days off the bike, and then it was time to ride home. Yeah, rush hour traffic in the dark without a clear route is a different kind of ride, and it was rather terrifying, if I’m being honest, but I made it, felt like a bad ass, and then let S. drive me around. Good god, I love riding my bicycle. What a lovely day.

One thought on “Quiet Has Its Own Set of Problems at Fayette & Fulton

  1. Sounds like it! (lovely day) Weather was similar here yesterday-70 degrees,sunny,awesomely blue sky…ah,Spring! Wait-a-minute…LOL!

    Wish I could have ridden yesterday. Supposed to turn wintery starting this evening here,colder temps,possible flurries,etc. Hoping to ride early,before it comes,LOL! Good read,put a smile on my face 🙂


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