Fall Colors at St. Paul & 26th


Oh, that was a long time away from my bike! I was in Atlanta for a conference, and no, thereisnt a bike rental place right downtown, and there should be. Harumph. I spent my days walking, which was fine, if a bit slow. I didn’t see a whole lot of bikes circling the conference hotels, but surely they are somewhere. All I know is I was happy to be back home in Baltimore, and I was itching to pedal. After working at the coffee shop for a bit, I headed downtown via Guilford to meet V. for a grading marathon. I stopped early to snap this picture of the brilliant colors of the trees at the playground behind Margaret Brent elementary school because that red just seemed to take up the whole sky. It is just so pretty here, and I can’t believe I was afraid I wouldn’t find it so. I flew down the hill, around the harbor, drank some coffee and sucked on some caramels, and rode back up the hill. That protected bike lane on Fallsway is already coming along famously. Nope, I don’t mind a little routine, not one bit.

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