Cloverland Green Spring Dairy at Loch Raven & Exeter Hall

Oh, bicycle, how I’ve missed you! I hopped on my bike, S. hopped on hers, and we rode up to Waverly for waffles with J. It felt immediately good to be pedaling along, like being back at home. After tossing back some fruit, maple syrup, and whipped cream with my waffle and flipping through a guidebook to Eastern birds on the roof in the sunshine, S. and I zipped down the hill and then rode aimlessly around the neighborhood–my favorite kind of ride. I said my how you doin’s, had a deep conversation with my gears about how to go up and down hills, and stopped to take this picture of the Cloverland Green Spring Dairy at Loch Raven & Exeter Hall. It’s a dairy, but it looks just like the zillion weird industrial plants I saw as I traveled around Western Maryland this past week, and like the chemical company I also rode past today, which I wish had been a chocolate factory. Industrial production just fades into the background, usually, but other times it’s all I see. We pedaled down to North Avenue, stared in at the graveyard, rode back to Guilford, and zipped around the new traffic circles, yielding, and then to home. The ride wasn’t quite long enough, but it was just the taste I needed to feel like myself again. Yep, I’m addicted to my bicycle.

2 thoughts on “Cloverland Green Spring Dairy at Loch Raven & Exeter Hall

  1. Sounds like a grand time you had 🙂 There are much worse things one could be addicted to than bikes,that’s an addiction I share with you,and celebrate 😀


  2. Haha this came up on my newsreader. There is definitely something relaxing and freeing about just going for a regular bike ride. All your senses are enhanced and you can take in your surroundings so much better.

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