Cloudy Skies at Preston & Howard

I checked the weather report before I got on my bike to ride to work this morning: high winds and a 90% chance of rain. I looked at the sky: blue with clouds out my bedroom window, ominous gray outside my west-facing living room (and I was heading west). Yeah, everything said don’t take the bike, but I wanted to ride, so I tossed my new rain cape in my bike bag and headed out, hoping to maybe beat the weather. The wind was whipping around, but it just felt good to be pedaling, and it felt downright balmy. I took my left on Preston and waited at the light to cross Howard. I snapped this picture of this block-y apartment building that I’m so glad isn’t my home against the increasingly threatening sky and the stoplights waving in the wind, and then I pushed it until I finally had to admit in Arbutus that it was time to put on the rain cape and hat. Yeah, I’m going to have to work on how to work it, and also how to properly signal while wearing the thing. Up the last hill, down the next, and onto campus. I’m so, so glad I went ahead and rode my bike, and that S. offered to pick me up and drive me home. Yep, things are good.

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