Sun Over The Bay From Canton Waterfront Park

Today’s ride took me down and around the Inner Harbor with a quick stop at the Maryland Science Center to read about solar energy (the cells on its roof produce enough per hour to power three houses!) and then over to Canton Waterfront Park and the Korean War Memorial for a little learning. When they call the Korean War “the forgetten war,” they are not kidding. (I wonder if we’ll ever have a memorial to those lost to the War on Drugs–that would be one huge wall.) I can’t remember ever learning about it in school or at home, and my grandfather fought in it. I read through all the panels that walked through a brief history of the main battles and offensive and defensive campaigns and learned more about it than I ever had anywhere else. At the center is a map of North and South Korea, tucked under China’s armpit, Japan off to the side, the 38th parallel running through it, and I thought about the sad state of my geographical knowledge–I still have no real idea where those countries are. That, my friends, is some sad business, so I’ll be getting on the case. I snapped this picture from the memorial itself, a lovely background, or main scene. I love living somewhere where I can easily ride my bicycle to water and see it and the sky reflected in the mirror of it all. I headed back toward Fells Point to get some work done with V. and D., stopped by the grocery on the way home for a little of this and that, and then climbed back up the hill, the whole time wishing I hadn’t left the house without gloves. Lesson learned, again. It was a beautiful day for a ride, and I needed it madly, a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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