View From the Harbor Connecter En Route From Canton to Locust Point

View From the Harbor Connecter En Route From Canton to Locust PointMonday’s ride took me over to East Baltimore to meet with the folks at the Creative Alliance to talk about the upcoming LGBT film festival. It was already hot, because that’s what a late summer day fast forwarded to May feels like, but oh, it felt good to be riding through it, especially after a weekend spent entirely in a car. Yeah, I needed to shake that off with a ride. By the time I pulled into the rack at Eastern and S. East I was plenty reminded of the need to bring water at all times when biking in Baltimore. Hills in heat are a different animal from NOLA’s even streets. I remember my cruel introduction to this fact on a long ride up Fulton Avenue on a rented 3-speed a few Julys ago on my first trip to Baltimore. Continue reading

Geese and Oil Drums on the Water in Canton at East & Boston

Geese and Oil Drums on the Water in Canton at East & BostonI woke up to rain and a report of rain to come, but seriously, what am I going to do–drive the five miles down the hill to the gym? I don’t think so. Lucky me, the rain stopped early, and it was a gray but dry ride down the hill and to the left to Canton for my last swimming lesson with Rob. He wore me out in the pool, and my legs were heavy as I left the gym to head home. I walked across the parking lot to check out the water, slowing my step-and-roll to try not to panic the geese. They heard me at once and started their move away, toward the oil drums at the end of the block, against a horizon of shipping cranes and giant military ships and new condos and that Korean War Memorial at Waterfront Park. I wonder if the geese notice any of their background, or if all they need’s the grass. For me, looking up from the bike is when I see the layers and layers of what we’re doing here, and then it’s back on the bike to pedal home, past all the stuff. Rain or shine, take your bike.

View Across the Harbor at Canton Waterfront Park


I finally had time today for a slightly longer ride, and oh it felt good to be on the Surly, clipped in, and just pedaling. I headed down the hill, took a left, and zipped through Fells Point and over to Canton for a swim, and it all just felt like the right kind of home. I stopped on my way back to snap this picture at Canton Waterfront Park. It’s a familiar view at this point, the naval ships and industrial parks and rising condos and all the ugliness behind those things, but today it was all water and sky and Baltimore just felt beautiful. I made a quick stop for eggs and toast before snaking my way to Gough Street and the ride to Little Italy, back through Jonestown and up the Fallsway to home. Oh yes, that’s better.

Waiting for the Water Taxi at Canton Waterfront Park

Today’s ride took me down the hill to Harbor East for a stop at the gym. I went swimming wearing my new goggles that came with vision correction. They aren’t my prescription, but wow, they made a huge difference, and I could see underwater for the first time in my memory. It was fantastic and magical and I just loved it. Now I if I can just teach myself how to swim properly… Continue reading

Oil and Navy Ships From Canton Waterfront Park

I’m off on a walking and hiking vacation next week, so this Saturday found me busy as a bee, tying up loose ends before heading west. After writing a little of this and a little of that it was time to run Brompty down to the bike shoppe for her much-overdue one month check up. Continue reading

Peale Museum Building at Holliday & Lexington

Peale Museum Building at 225 North Holliday StreetI have been in NYC for the past few days visiting my sister, so I haven’t been riding my bicycle. I have, however, been thinking about what it might be like to fold up a bicycle and take it with me on my next trip…but anyway. I am back home in Baltimore and on spring break, so when the rain stopped early this morning, I knew I’d get a decent ride in today. After doing some reading and extraordinarily minor gardening, I spent some time giving the bike a quick clean, degreasing, and re-lubing for springtime before taking the newly stealth and quiet ride out into the sunshine. Continue reading

Flowering Tree at S. Ellwood & Hudson

I woke up early this morning with an overwhelming desire to play hooky, and I grumped around for awhile until giving in to the senioritis. After a trip to school for some lazy research and a faculty meeting it was time to get on my bike and out in this 80 degree blue sky day–oh, it was perfect out there. Continue reading

Pile of White Stuff Near 2250 S. Clinton

Oh, I needed a day just like today following this weekend’s trip. I had a wonderful time in New Orleans, no doubt, but it’s hard to go to a place that feels like home and realize you don’t get to live there anymore, especially when the place is so full of love. And then it was back in Baltimore, a few hours of sleep, and back at work, nary a moment to breathe and remember that we–me and my bike–live here now. Continue reading

View of Boats, Ships, and the Domino Sugar Plant From Canton Waterfront Park

I woke up excited to get on the bike for the first time in almost a week. I checked the weather report: 90% chance of heavy rains. D’oh! I follow this rule that I got from my pops: never start a bike ride in the rain, so I figured I best climb out of bed and get on the bike before it was too late. I opened the door to a light sprinkle, but hey, rules are made to be broken, and this kid needed a bike ride like nobody’s business. Continue reading

Sun Over The Bay From Canton Waterfront Park

Today’s ride took me down and around the Inner Harbor with a quick stop at the Maryland Science Center to read about solar energy (the cells on its roof produce enough per hour to power three houses!) and then over to Canton Waterfront Park and the Korean War Memorial for a little learning. When they call the Korean War “the forgetten war,” they are not kidding. (I wonder if we’ll ever have a memorial to those lost to the War on Drugs–that would be one huge wall.) Continue reading