Snow and Ice on the Sidewalk on Chase & St. Paul


Well, it was bound to happen eventually, this thing where water would fall out of the sky on a day so cold it would freeze, so here you go: ice. It looked pretty this morning, but it made for a slooow walk home from brunch as I measured each step to avoid slipping and bouncing off the sidewalk like the newbie I am. I spent the day at home writing up a syllabus and watching terrible movies, but I’ve got a dinner date in Mt. Vernon, so it’s time to get on the bike. Because it’s new to me it felt treacherous as I white-knuckled my way down the hill, taking the whole lane to avoid even the faint touch of visible ice. But what about the ice you can’t see, Kate? I got off and walked the last block to the restaurant. I figure, though, that it’ll be like anything else new–I’ll do it for awhile, get more comfortable, fall, realize falling won’t kill me, and then I will just be somebody who rides in wintertime. Or not. Maybe I’ll take the bus.

5 thoughts on “Snow and Ice on the Sidewalk on Chase & St. Paul

  1. Yeah… I’m going to be taking the light rail for awhile. After slipping on the Fallsway and fucking up my knee, I’m super-paranoid about ice and my commute home is in the dark. The whole point of cycling is that I enjoy it but I don’t really enjoy doing it on ice. I’m still holding out for a ton of rain that will clear out all the ice but I don’t see that happening. 😦

  2. A dinner date is fine enough to make all worth it.
    ps. Looks like there may be a box or so of kitchen stuff so will let you know. Saw the top and there was a cupcake type pan but really to make tiny temples or such.

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