Icy Bike Rack at 32nd & Greenmount

Yep, still cold and icy, so when it was time to meet L. for brunch, I decided to go ahead and walk. I put on my snow boots, lovingly sent by by E. upon my arrival in the Great White Mid-Atlantic, and marched slowly up the hill. The ice is just worse, so where it was still coating the sidewalk, I took each step like a New Orleanian until I made it to my destination. I stared longingly at this icy bike rack and snapped this picture, already thinking about springtime. After breakfast I waddled home and thought about all the wonderful things I might see by walking in wintertime. Yeah, it’ll be ok. But when I heard S. was at the bar watching the game? Well, then I was in a hurry. I hopped on the bike, rode over to Remington, drank some light beer, ate some potato skins, cheered, felt sick to my stomach, and sat in the utter silence of a bar full of stunned fans. Season: over. I got back on the bike and rolled home, extra careful–drunk drivers on the roads! No matter how you’re getting around, look alive!

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