Closed Pharmacy at 36th & Chestnut

Oh, I wanted to ride my bike so badly today. I haven’t ridden since *Tuesday*, and when I don’t ride, the hamster wheel starts going in my head instead, and then I can’t sleep. It was nice and warm out today, but the wind was howling, and that’s just not weather I like to ride in. In which I like to ride. (See what I mean? Hamster. Wheel.) Sigh. So I decided to walk instead, and that was an excellent choice. I walked up to Hampden for a haircut and some reading at the coffee shoppe, and I found myself, surprise, surprise, taking the exact same route I do on my bike. The thing with walking, though, is that it’s much slower than riding, which is much of why I ride, but the bonus is that slowing down means seeing things on that same old route that you miss on a bike, like the waterfalls down under that bridge on Remington and the piles of sawdust on the sidewalk and the sign on the closed pharmacy on Chestnut and 36th. If you liked what they were doing at this location, you’re going to love what’s happening at the CVS. Somehow I don’t think the patrons of Chestnut Pharmacy, here since at least 1918, spent any time at all wishing it was a CVS, but what do I know. This neighborhood is pocked with closed stores, and it’s one of the most happening parts of town. It’s a sad business. I got myself shorn and read and then wandered back home, holding my skirt down in the wind and enjoying the 60+ degrees. Something’s not right here, is it?

One thought on “Closed Pharmacy at 36th & Chestnut

  1. I am already seeing the hamster wheel in my head. That’s a powerful image and reminds me how little sleep you and E. needed growing up. And how you used to say: I can’t sleep because thinking won’t stop.

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