Matthew 27:28;35 at Gilmor & Saratoga

Oh, Baltimore, thank you for the balmy Tuesday in late January! I had already been despairing that I might be freezing from now until May, but today’s sunshine and 50+ degrees was a welcome respite. I layered up, just in case, and took the bike down the hill and west toward UMBC. I wanted to see something new, so I took a left on Gilmor instead of taking Lafayette all the way to Monroe. Well, I saw a lot of the same thing I’ve seen on many West Baltimore streets–row upon row of vacant houses, empty lots, corner stores, and churches–but then there was this, at Saratoga, three crosses bearing Bible verses I didn’t have the patience to read, a sign warning folks not to walk their dogs here, and what seemed to be an empty RV. I wonder who set up this particular church–perhaps the folks at the adjacent Greater Harvest Baptist Church? Well, I guess that’s *one* thing to do with blighted space. I didn’t stay long, not in the mood to be saved, and continued on my way, flying down one hill and climbing up another before making it to campus in time to choke down a quick lunch before class and a long ride home. Traffic’s a lot worse going home, but today I just steeled myself to take the lane. When you ride right over to the edge cars think they can just sneak past you, and that is terrifying. Take the lane, and they go around, irritated or not. I made it back to my neighborhood in good time, before the sun went down. The days really are getting longer; before I rode a bike every day, I don’t think I noticed what a difference a few minutes of daylight make.

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