View of the Inner Harbor From the World Trade Center

I woke up early, as per usual, and spent my morning reading for pleasure until I remembered that the farmer’s market was running, and although I know I’m supposed to be in it for the produce–which I am–but what got me out of bed were the mini donuts. I hopped on the bike and flew down the hill, got my mini bag of donuts, and did a tour of the place, picking up a little of this and a little of that. I was planning to head home, but heck, while I was down there, why not check out the harbor on this overcast day? The place was pretty empty because of the weather, and it was still early, so I sort of had it to myself to check out the many ways this harbor is making money–the paddle boats, the speedboats, the pirate ships, the clippers and submarines and dinner yachts. And then there’s the stuff that’s trying to keep the place clean; the water’s got the rusty red of an algal bloom. It’s a place for tourists, not trade, and I wonder how far this t-shirt economy can take us. I remembered that I’m still a member of the National Aquarium, so I locked up my bike and brought my asparagus, beets, and sweet potatoes in with me to check out the new dolphin experience. They’ve cancelled the dolphin shows so that everyone gets to see the dolphins without increasing stress by adding shows. The new  dolphin “discovery” is mercifully less music video, and I appreciate how they’ve dialed down the dog and pony show, but they still haven’t managed to convince me that dolphins should be trained. I left and headed back up the hill to meet a friend for lunch and another for a movieView, thinking yet again about how the bicycle helps get me places I’d just never go without it.

One thought on “View of the Inner Harbor From the World Trade Center

  1. I am so glad that they cancelled the dolphin shows. I thought that they were depressing, and the A/V was way too loud.

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