Nik Wallenda Wire Walking Over the Inner Harbor

I’ve got that end-of-the-year cold that I’d been putting off since January, so S. offered to drive me down to the Inner Harbor, but please–you don’t drive to see a guy walk on a tightrope 300 feet over the Inner Harbor. We hopped on our bikes and sped down the hill under gray skies until we found the crowd gathering to watch the wire walk (after finally finding a bike rack–c’mon, Inner Harbor, get with the program!). Tons of folks were there waiting, and Nik Wallenda came out at 5:15 on the dot to begin his walk. The crowd was completely silent, and it looked like he was sliding across the sky. It was really beautiful, actually. He knelt down a couple of times so we could applaud, and then near the end he stumbled. The crowd gasped, he recovered, and then we all wondered if he did it on purpose or if it was a genuine slip. I wish I didn’t have to go there, and just got to enjoy his trip across the wire, impressed by the save. We got back on the bikes to climb the hill for a delightful dinner and a terrible ride home in the rain and wind. Totally worth it.

One thought on “Nik Wallenda Wire Walking Over the Inner Harbor

  1. I thought I was the only one cynical enough to wonder if it was a real slip or if he did it on purpose.

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