The View From Section 374 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards


I’ve been out of town at my little sister’s college graduation, which was lovely and full of pride and tears and all the stuff that comes with life passages like that one. It is good to be back, though, and I was especially looking forward to being back on the bike, because that’s where I feel most myself. Today’s ride took me up to Locust Point for a massage to work out the kinks of the semester and then a sandwich and some froyo to get in the mood for summer. I rode around the neighborhood before remembering that the O’s are at home, playing the hated Yankees, and I know just where the bike rack is. I locked up, got myself a $10 outfield seat and a beer the size of my head, and settled in to watch the game, reading my program between innings. That building out there, the wall framing the stadium? That’s the longest building this side of the Mississippi. When building this stadium 20 years ago, there were big debates about keeping it or knocking it down. It’s still here, and we can’t imagine it any other way, apparently. We’re winning, it’s the top of the 7th, and we’ve got a whole summer of cheap Tuesday nights. Works for me.

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