Heritage Sign & Blighted Building at Lafayette & Division


Oh, it’s finally here, my itty bitty clown bike! I got a call yesterday evening from the bike shop, so I waited impatiently this morning before walking down to the shop for its 11am opening to fetch the newest member of the family. It was just as lovely as I remembered, and as I took it out for a test spin along the Jones Falls Trail, I started to get good and giddy. It’s just so much fun! I rode it back home to grab my helmet and to show it off to S. before heading back down the hill to meet V. for work that couldn’t get done because I was too bust thinking about riding my new bike. I then rode it over to Upton to meet J. so we could nerd out together along the Pennsylvania Avenue heritage walking tour. I snapped this picture of the new bike against a new public history sign and increasingly old blight. The tour tells the history of a culturally, politically, socially, and economically vibrant area, but it doesn’t explain at all why so much of that has been lost as parts of this neighborhood continue falling to pieces as others keep it alive. Upton and Pennsylvania don’t look like they do now by chance. Decisions were made that make that glittering past “history,” right? I pushed my bike from sign to sign, historic church to historic church, stopping along the way for a chat here or there, and a chance to demonstrate the Brompton’s quick fold to a woman sitting outside in the sunshine with her cigarette, watching people pass on by. And then it was time to ride the new bike up the hill to home for one last fold on its birthday before lugging it up the steps to its new home. I can’t wait to see what we learn next. *squeal*

6 thoughts on “Heritage Sign & Blighted Building at Lafayette & Division

  1. Congratulations on the Brompton! It’s a fun bike to ride, great in the city and just fine out on country roads too. I’m looking forward to taking mine with me on an upcoming business trip.

  2. I just rented a little clown bike for a work trip to Georgia (having come here last year and suffered through a week without a bike), and like it well enough I may get one. It was a lot easier to bring along on a trip than my Surly, though the airline didn’t let me carry it on, handled it like a wheelchair.

    • A week without a bike, the horror! Did you gate check the bike? I’m curious how the airlines will deal with Brompty. 🙂

      • Yes, gate checked. It came back to me in good shape though the chain had come off and snarled up. The shop said it was an occasional problem with that particular bike. I had put a nylon strap around it as they (Clever Cycles in Portland OR) recommended to keep the bike folded securely, and had put the seat & seatpost in my baggage.
        It’s been wonderful to have along. So far I’ve just been riding a nice trail in the mornings before work but I’m looking forward riding in Atlanta over the weekend.

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