Cloudy Skies at Druid Hill Park

I woke up early to a lovely morning and then an afternoon full of work. My whole self wants to be on summer vacation, but I’ve got a whole lot of everything still on my plate, which means I am just tired, weary, and not very excited to be stuck at my computer. Today, I didn’t even feel like riding my bike, so lazy was I. But shoot, Brompty’s sitting in the corner and hasn’t been to Druid Hill Park yet! I spent 30 minutes writing so I could charge up the ol’ collar-mounted musical box for a trip around the reservoir and then headed out. I carried the bike downstairs, put it on the sidewalk, and unfolded it in about a minute. Dang, that’s some impressive design. I pedaled over to the park–the gearing is fine for my neighborhood hills–and then did a turn around the reservoir. The bike is so speedy! But anyway. I hadn’t been to the park in a week or two, so there was a lot to track. The house they’re dismantling on the far side of the reservoir is down to stairs and a doorway, the water level is up, the red-winged blackbirds are still at attention, and there’s water in the pool. It already feels like we’re in mid-summer, but we’re just at the start. Patience, patience. I snapped this picture of the sky trying to decide whether to storm or not. I did a few more laps and then headed home, and we all stayed dry. Yep, I’m glad I took the bike out–that is always a good idea.

One thought on “Cloudy Skies at Druid Hill Park

  1. I hope you will take the late nite hike thru the Druid Hills on June 1, Meet at Conservatory, 11 pm, yes 11pm for a guided walk of about 5 miles on the trail and behind the Zoo and ending around the reservoir. Walk is schedualed for about 2 hours and guided by Rec and Parks personel. A $3. donation is asked. Check for details.
    I enjoy reading your Druild Hill blog!

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