Bricks in the Water Along the Gwynns Falls Trail Near Harbor Hospital

Finally, grading’s done, workshops have been attended, and the sun has emerged after days and days of gray, which means, of course, that it was time for a bicycle ride. I took the Surly out to run some errands and then we headed over to the Convention Center, because I vaguely remember hearing there’s a heavy metal convention in town, and my ride downtown featured creative dodging of many pedestrians who looked like they might be in town for a heavy metal convention, so of course I wanted to see if I could get myself in there. Alas, there was nothing and I was back on the bike, heading over to the Gwynns Falls Trail so I could just pedal and pedal in the sunshine without thinking about cars or people on foot who think my bike lane is their chat room. It felt so good to be in the sunshine, listening to music, nowhere in particular to be. I had that brief wish that I was riding out to Lake Pontchartrain, but that passed. I got to the end of the trail out at Harbor Hospital and then turned back. I stopped to take a picture of the water lapping up against granite, rocks, dirt, some browning grass, some trash, and what looked to be a part of an old brick wall. The dixie cup I get, but how do you manage to throw a wall away here? I’ve done this ride a bunch of times, but I’ve never seen this wall. I guess what you see depends on where you’re looking, unless we’re talking about that old suitcase on the banks of the Mississippi River Trail in New Orleans–mo missing that valise. I made a quick stop for food and an enormous beverage, swore to bring water and sunscreen next time, used my outside voice to vainly try to let the Inner Harbor pedestrians know I was there, and then I was back up the hill to home. Just exactly, precisely, perfectly what I needed today.

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