Buildings Being Demolished on Druid Hill Park Lane & Linden Avenue

I’m back home in Baltimore, and after a day of rest it was time to take the Surly out for a trip around Druid Hill Park to see if anything’s changed. After a few days on the Brompton, it was good to be back on the touring bike, all stretched out and high up. Man, I love that bike. I pedaled over to Hampden, made a couple of stops, and then headed toward the park for a quick ride around the water. Lots of folks were out enjoying the cooler weather, as was I. The water level is higher, the trees are bright green, and the red-winged blackbirds are still rocking their orange shoulder pads–it’s good to be home. I stopped on the far side of the reservoir to snap this picture of the buildings still being demolished. They are down to old steps now, and you can see the trees growing in the middle of the buildings to the left, next on the list, I’m assuming. Taking things down takes a long time, apparently. I pedaled the rest of the way around, had a pang of missing the flowering trees, and headed home. Yep, there’s a lot more bicycling in my summer plans, on both bikes.

2 thoughts on “Buildings Being Demolished on Druid Hill Park Lane & Linden Avenue

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