Baltimore City Jail Being Demolished at Fallsway & Eager

View down the street at the Baltimore City Jail being demolished. In the foreground on the sidewalk is a red star with a name of a victim of police violence.

Wednesday’s ride took me down the hill in the sunshine for a quick haircut at the barber. I know many don’t feel like that’s a safe activity, but I do, so I wore my mask, joined B. and one other barber and client inside, and got the back and sides cleaned up. It was so good to be out of my house and neighborhood for even just the 20 minutes I spent inside there.

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Buildings Being Demolished on Druid Hill Park Lane & Linden Avenue

I’m back home in Baltimore, and after a day of rest it was time to take the Surly out for a trip around Druid Hill Park to see if anything’s changed. After a few days on the Brompton, it was good to be back on the touring bike, all stretched out and high up. Man, I love that bike. I pedaled over to Hampden, made a couple of stops, and then headed toward the park for a quick ride around the water. Continue reading

Demolition at Chippewa and Race

As anyone who lives here or has spent any time at all reading my blog knows, New Orleans is a place where neighborhoods change drastically from just block to block. I headed downtown to meet J. and her old friend J. for his work party, and instead of taking St. Charles or Magazine or Laurel, I headed down to Chippewa, which honestly feels like a different city from just a few blocks further away from the river. Continue reading