Glyndon Area Players Perform at Hon Fest on 36th Avenue in Hampden


Last year around this time I had moved out of my pool house and was living out of boxes in New Orleans, thanks to the kindness of friends. I was also reading all about Baltimore, and I read about Hon Fest, a street festival celbrating Baltimore’s iconic “Hon.” Yeah~I had no idea that was an icon. And then there was the part where some lady tried to copywrite “hon,” and I was all, like, that’s like copywriting “Who dat.” That guy from Kitchen Nightmares came in and got her to drop the copywrite, so she’s I guess less of an asshole now. And now I’m here, it’s Hon Fest, and I was on my bike to Hampden to check it out. There are food vendores, the local photography vendors, the jewelry and pottery and incense and beer stands. There were three music stages, and the first made me miss New Orleans more than anything. I stopped at the main stage, though, and I saw the Glyndon Area Players performing Broadway and pop hits; they were so good, especially the guy who did “My Girl.” We were all totally in to it, for real, and the kid got more and more confident as we shrieked, which meant more runs and higher notes. Awesome. Yeah, it’s just like any other street festival in the country, but the Glyndon Area Players from out Reistertown Road are only here, so there. I kept walking, got ice cream, listened to 9 Mile Limit, our local rock/roots/reggae band for awhile, watched an odd mix of folks dance along, and then headed back home for a read and a nap. Thank you, Saturday.

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