View of Union Memorial Sports Medicine at Stadium Place From 36th & Rexmore

After several long days of work and a long day of rain, I finally got to go for a ride today, albeit a short one. I hopped on the Surly and headed northeast through Waverly and up Old York Road to Ednor Gardens for some porch sitting with my old friend from high school, L., and her Baltimore friends. I’ve actually never been over to this neighborhood–usually I just keep riding up York–and though I didn’t do much tooling around, it’s nice to know it’s here for some exploring. After a delightful evening of catching up it was time to head home. I stopped to take this picture of the site of the old Memorial Stadium. The Orioles used to play up here, before Camden Yards opened in 1992, but now it’s an empty field with a view of downtown, though you can’t see it in the picture. To the left of the photo are those brand new brick buildings, the kind that make you wonder if they even bothered thinking about design. Harrumph. I turned and pedaled home, taking the lane on 33rd. It’s safest, you know. Oh, I’m looking forward to an actual ride tomorrow!

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