Oil and Navy Ships From Canton Waterfront Park

I’m off on a walking and hiking vacation next week, so this Saturday found me busy as a bee, tying up loose ends before heading west. After writing a little of this and a little of that it was time to run Brompty down to the bike shoppe for her much-overdue one month check up. I hadn’t been on that bike in a couple of weeks, and I’d already forgotten how fun she is to ride. I zipped down the hill in my own breeze before braking down the hill to the shop. Bromptons don’t take much maintenance, so 20 minutes later we were back on the road, heading to Fells Point to do a little vacation shopping. I maybe should have headed back home to address the laundry issue, but I just needed to spin a bit more. I rode over to Canton Waterfront Park to check out the view, and today I saw some folks waiting for the water taxi, other folks fishing, and across the way, that same old battleship and the big white containers that I expect hold oil or gasoline. Our military industrial complex is sitting right in front of us on these beautiful sunny days, but it is all so normal we barely notice. Then it was time to get back to work, so I pedaled my way up the hill, enjoying the last ride I’ll get for a week, which for me is a very, very long time. Something tells me Glacier National Park will make it worth it.

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